Person NameAmalgamated Engineering Union; Edinburgh District; 1851-1992
ActivityThe Amalgamated Engineering Union was founded as the Amalgamated Society of Engineers (ASE) in 1851 by the union of a number of existing societies, and was later joined by numerous other, mostly local, trade unions. One large-scale amalgamation in 1920, involving nine other unions, led to a name change to the Amalgamated Engineering Union. Women were first admitted to the union in 1943. A number of other mergers followed, most notably that with the Amalgamated Union of Foundry Workers in 1967, which brought about a change of name to the Amalgamated Union of Engineering and Foundry Workers (AUEFW). The Draughtsmen and Allied Technicians' Association and the Constructional Engineering Union merged with the Union in 1970, and from the following year this new body was known as the Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers (AUEW). The enlarged union was to be made up of four sections: Technical, Administrative and Supervisory; Constructional; Foundry; and Engineering. The 1970 merger proved not to be an unmitigated success. Further reorganisation saw the Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Section (TASS) leave the amalgamation and the remaining sections form the Amalgamated Engineering Union in May 1986. The AEU merged with the Electrical, Electronic Telecommunications and Plumbing Union (EETPU) in May 1992, to create the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union (AEEU). The AEEU is at present (2003) closely associated with the Manufacturing Science Finance union (MSF) and a merger between the two unions, under the name Amicus, is to come into effect in 2004. During this period of association both bodies have used Amicus as a prefix to their names, styling themselves Amicus-AEEU and Amicus-MSF respectively. MSF was created in 1988 when TASS, formerly of the AUEW, united with ASTMS.
Corporate NameAmalgamated Engineering Union
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