Person NameElphinstone family of Lopness; family
ActivityLopness is on the island of Sanday, Orkney, Scotland. Major-General Sir Howard Elphinstone (1773-1846), was the sixth son of John Elphinstone, Lieutenant General and Vice-Admiral in the Russian service and who commanded the Russian fleet in the Baltic in 1769. Sir Howard Elphinstone was born on 4 March 1773 and became had a successful military career. In 1805 he was promoted Captain, 1812 Lieutenant Colonel, 1824, Colonel , 1834 Colonel-Commandand of the Royal Engineers and in 1837 Major General. He died at Hastings on 28 April 1846.Sir Nicholas Elphinstone (b 1825), 10th baronet of Lopness, was born in 1825 the son of Captain Alexander Elphinstone, and the grandson of Brigadier-General Sir Samuel Elphinstone. He was educated at Dresden and Bonn University. He entered the army in 1845 and was succeeded in the estate by his nephew Arthur (b 1863).
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