Person NameWorld Day of Prayer Scottish Committee; 1932-
ActivityWorld Day of Prayer is an ecumenical movement initiated and carried out by women all over the world, wherein Christians of all denominations all over the world observe a common day of prayer on the first Friday of March. The origins of the World Day of Prayer seem to be the appeals made for days of prayer by protestant churchwomen in North America in the late 19th century. In 1887 the President of the Women's Board of Home Missions in the Presbyterian Church of America asked for a day of prayer for the home missions. In 1890 three Baptist women followed this with a call for a day of prayer for foreign missions. Thirty years later an effort was made by the different denominations to bring together their prayer day initiatives on a single day - the first Friday in Lent - and in 1928 a World Day of Prayer Committee was formed in the United States to distribute the day of prayer order of service to missions across the world.

Mary Grace Forgan, a member of the United Free Church, is credited with having introduced the concept of an international day of prayer to Scotland. The World Day of Prayer was first observed in Scotland, albeit on a very small scale, in 1930. In many countries the Day was known as the Women's World Day of Prayer, and this was the style adopted in Scotland from the year of its introduction until 1980, when 'Women's' was officially dropped from the name. The Scottish Committee for the World Day of Prayer dates from 1932. In 1968 an International Committee of the World Day of Prayer (from 1995 the World Day of Prayer International Committee) was set up to take responsibility for the event, and the first Friday in March was adopted as the date on which the Day of Prayer was to be held. The Scottish Committee is composed of members from all major denominations across Scotland and meets 6 times a year to prepare and distribute materials for the World Day of Prayer, provide training and to liase with other local World Day of Prayer Committees.
Corporate NameWorld Day of Prayer Scottish Committee
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