JurisdictionScottish Centre
Person NameScottish Centre; International P.E.N.; 1927-
ActivityInternational P.E.N. was established in London in 1921 by Mrs C.A. Dawson Scott. By 1926 there were members in 15 European countries. Today there are 130 centres in 91 countries. International P.E.N. is a world wide association of writers. It exists to promote friendship and co-operation amongst writers everywhere and is recognised by UNESCO as the voice of the international community of writers. Members are affiliated to International P.E.N. Centres, which are autonomous cultural and intellectual organisations, and membership is open to all qualified writers, editors and translators. Members have included Joseph Conrad, George Bernard Shaw and H.G. Wells. Representatives from each Centre meet as the Assembly of Delegates at the Annual P.E.N. Congress. In 1992 the International P.E.N. Foundation was established as a charitable body to support the educational activities of International P.E.N. The P.E.N. Emergency Fund was established in 1973 to raise money to assist writers convicted for practicing their right to freedom of expression. This Fund was utilised in the 1970's in Argentina, Greece, Vietnam and the Soviet Union. P.E.N. International Magazine is published twice yearly by International P.E.N. in London and contains poems, short stories, articles and papers. The International P.E.N. Scottish Centre was founded in 1927 by Christopher Murray Grieve ['Hugh MacDiarmid'], (1892-1978), poet. In 2002 the Centre has 200 members and the honourary president is Edwin Morgan (b 1920), poet.
Corporate NameInternational P.E.N.
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