Person NameScottish News Enterprises Ltd; 1975-1976
ActivityScottish News Enterprises Ltd was established following a feasibility study, conducted by staff of the University of Strathclyde Business School in May 1974. It was founded as a cooperative enterprise in 1975 and three trial publications were published April- May 1975. The Scottish Daily News was produced daily from 5th May 1975 to 10 December 1975 and following a period in which the paper was not published (22 December 1975-9 January 1976), weekly until July 1975. Robert Maxwell invested in the company on condition that he was Co-Chairman, but resigned from that position in June 1975 and continued as one of the Directors of the company. In September 1975 he was appointed Chief Executive however following criticism that his interest in the enterprise was an attempt to take over the co-operative, he resigned in October 1975. In January 1976 the company went into liquidation and the plant and machinery were auctioned. The premises were at Albion Street, Glasgow.
Corporate NameScottish News Enterprises Ltd
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