Dates17th century to 18th entury
Person NameNaesmyth; family; of Posso
ActivityMichael Naesmyth (d 1611) married Elizabeth, daughter and co heiress of John Baird of Posso, c 1554. In 1554 he obtained a charter of the lands of Posso. He supported Mary, Queen of Scots. His son John (d 1611 x 1612) became surgeon to King James VI and seems to have acquired great wealth. John died in 1611 or 1612 and there is a monument to him in the Grey Friars Church, Edinburgh, erected 1614. James, eldest son of Thomas (d 1609), son of Michael Naesmyth (d 1611), succeeded his father in 1609 and his grandfather in 1611. He acquired the other half of the estate of Posso in 1617 from the descendants of the other co-heiress of John Baird of Posso. James Naesmyth was elected member of the Scottish Parliament in 1627 and was also appointed Sheriff of the County of Peebles. In 1610 he married Agnes, daughter of William Barns. James Naesmyth (d 1706) of Posso, son and heir of James, had succeeded in the estate by 1671. In 1683 he was appointed Falconer to the King and in 1686 obtained a yearly pension. He died unmarried in 1706 and was succeeded by his brother, Robert. Robert Naesmyth (d 1712) also died without issue and was succeeded by his cousin James Naesmyth (d 1720) of Dawick. He became an advocate in 1684 and baronet of Posso in 1706. He was succeeded by James, his eldest son in 1720. James Naesmyth, second baronet of Posso (d 1779) was succeeded by his eldest son, Sir James Naesmyth, third baronet of Posso.
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