Person NameEdinburgh Master Printers Association; 1917-
ActivityThe Edinburgh Printing and Kindred Trades Employers’ Association was formed in April 1917 by the amalgamation of The Edinburgh Master Printers Association, The Edinburgh and Leith Master Lithographers Association, The Edinburgh and District Jobbing Printers and the Association of Master Bookbinders and Papers Rulers. In 1954 the name changed to the Edinburgh Master Printers Association. The Edinburgh Printing and Kindred Trades Employers’ Association played a large part in the development of printing as one of Edinburgh’s major industries. Its function was to co-ordinate and regulate the printing industry in Edinburgh, to promote printing generally, to liaise with the Scottish and British Employers’ Associations and to negotiate on the Employers behalf with the Trade Unions. The Association's major achievement however was its part, in close collaboration with the unions, in setting up the Apprentices Selection and training scheme. Under the scheme, one of the first in Britain, all prospective apprentices had first to pass a three-part selection process, consisting of psychological examination carried out by Professor Drever of Edinburgh University, a physical examination and an intelligence test. Once selected the apprentice spent five years at his trade with regular evening and day release classes, before emerging as a competent journeyman.
Corporate NameEdinburgh Master Printers Association
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