Person NameMurray; David; Industrial Journalist, writer and broadcaster
EpithetIndustrial Journalist, writer and broadcaster
ActivityDavid Murray was involved on behalf of the Independent Labour Party (ILP) in efforts to secure the release of ILP and other socialists imprisoned by elements of the republican police authorities following the street fighting in Barcelona (May 1937) and the subsequent suppression in June (partly through Comintern instigation) of the Trotskyist socialist party POUM, which had opposed the Catalan government during the May fighting and was affiliated to the ILP. During the war period he worked as a Public Relations Officer initially for the Iron and Steel Federation many of whose functions were absorbed by the Iron and Steel Control of the Ministry of Supply. Following a transfer from London to Glasgow in 1940 he was concerned in organising campaigns for the salvage of railings, and scrap iron and steel. He left the ISC in the autumn of 1941 following policy disagreements with its management, but was soon re-employed by the Ministry of Supply as a Works Relations Officer in Scotland.
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