Person NameKesson; Jessie (1916-1994); novelist and playwright
Epithetnovelist and playwright
ActivityJessie Kesson (1916-1994), novelist and playwright, was born Jessie Grant MacDonald, in a poorhouse in Inverness in 1916 and was brought up in Elgin. In 1924 when her mother contracted syphilis, Jessie was moved to Proctor's Orphanage, near Skene, Aberdeenshire. She left the orphanage in 1932 to go into service and suffered a nervous breakdown. In 1934 she married Johnnie Kesson, whom she had met at a croft near Loch Ness. From 1940 she wrote for 'The Scots Magazine' and she wrote numerous stories and plays for BBC Aberdeen. In 1947 she moved to London, where she worked as a writer, cleaner, artist's model and social worker. During the 1980's she was awarded honourary degrees from the Universities of Aberdeen and Dundee. She died in London on 26th September 1994.
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