Person NameGordon; Seton Paul (1887-1977); nature writer and photographer
ForenamesSeton Paul
Epithetnature writer and photographer
ActivitySeton Paul Gordon (1886-1977), nature writer and photographer, was born in Aberdeen on 11 April 1886, the only child of William Gordon (1839-1924), advocate, town clerk of the City of Aberdeen, and Ella Mary Paul. He became a keen photographer, especially of birds. In 1907 he published his first book 'Birds of the Loch and Mountain (London, 1907), illustrated with 90 of his own photographs. He also wrote nature articles and covered the Braemar gathering for 'The Times' and the 'Morning Post'. From 1908 he attended lectures on zoology at the University of Aberdeen and in October 1908 he went to Exeter College, Oxford, to study natural sciences. He continued to work as a freelance writer throughout his time at university and afterwards. During the First World War, he was appointed to the coast-watching service on the West coast of Scotland, posing as a birdwatcher. He was responsible for recruiting other coast-watchers and by 1915 had recruited 104 men. Thereafter he served as Lieutenant in the navy until demobilisation in 1919. He married Audrey Seton Gordon (d 1959) at Otterburn on 19 August 1915. After the First World War, Seton Gordon took up nature writing and photography as a profession. Audrey died in 1959 of bronchitis and he married Elizabeth Bader in 1960. He died at home on 18 March 1977.
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