Person NameNorth Berwick Golf Club; 1832-
ActivityNorth Berwick Golf Club was formed on 8th May 1832 to play over the links there. The original course of 6/7 holes was extended to 12 in 1869-1870 taking over the Park to the west. In 1877, the Club acquired the right to play over part of the Dirleton estate. This became known as the Private Golf Links or Greens. From the earliest days, the members of the Club dined together after their matches and, in 1879, it was resolved to build a Clubhouse by the links. The committee formed to oversee this quickly formed a separate club, the New Club, North Berwick. The course was further extended in 1894-1895 to the west of the Eel Burn. From this time, management of the course was the responsibility of the Greens’ Committee, which included representatives of all Clubs playing over the links. Later, the two Clubs had joint secretaries although separate records were kept. From 1853, when the Tantallon Club was formed, other clubs used the course at North Berwick. Ladies were present on the links as spectators from the 1830s; they formed their own Club in 1888 with management left to the New Club. In 1934, the New Club, North Berwick, and the Ladies Golf Club amalgamated as the New Club. Today, North Berwick Golf Club is the administrator of the course, with representatives from the Tantallon and Bass Rock Clubs serving on the Greens’ Committee.
Corporate NameNorth Berwick Golf Club
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