Person NameLaw; Alexander (1903-1995); Dr, HM Inspector of Schools
EpithetDr, HM Inspector of Schools
ActivityDr Alexander Law, OBE (1903-1995), sometime HM Inspector of Schools, studied Scottish schools and education, especially in the 18th century and in Edinburgh in particular. With Professor A M Kinghorn, Law carried on the pioneering editorial work of Burns Martin and J W Oliver (who had produced the first two volumes of the Scottish Text Society edition of 'The Works of Allan Ramsay'), and their collaboration saw the publication of four additional volumes. The edition was completed in 1974. Law continued to gather information on Ramsay, and some of his work was directed towards a possible revision of Burns Martin's 'Bibliography of the Writings of Allan Ramsay' (Glasgow 1931). This work has been continued by Professor G. Ross Roy.
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