Dates -1995
Person NameRoss; Mabel (-1995); handspinner and weaver
Epithethandspinner and weaver
ActivityAfter graduating from Edinburgh University in 1934, Mabel Ross worked in meteorological research; she later taught mathematics and music. Mabel Ross learned to weave and spin in her retirement. After the death of her husband in 1978 she started to give courses in handspinning and weaving and developed her acclaimed method of precise handspinning. Her spinners' manual, The Essentials of Handspinning, was first published in 1980. This was followed in 1983 by The Essentials of Yarn Design. The Encyclopedia of Handspinning was published in 1988, and The Handspinners’ Workbook: Fancy Yarns in 1989. Mabel Ross’s workshops and lectures took her to North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as throughout the United Kingdom. At the time of her death in 1995, she was internationally respected as a teacher of weaver and spinning.
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