Person NameHonourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers
ActivityWritten records of the Company of Gentlemen Golfers date from 1744. However, Edinburgh Town Council's Act for the ‘Regulations to be observed by those who play yearly for the City of Edinburgh's Silver Club’ of 7 March 1744, with which the first minute book opens, indicate that the members had been in the habit of playing golf on Leith Links for some time. The social aspect of golf was a great importance to the Company, and in 1771 they built the Golf house on Leith Links. The Company continued to play at Leith until their move to Musselburgh in the 1830s.In May 1865 members of the Company took the decision to build a club house at Musselburgh. As the funds of the Company and the club house were to be managed separately, ‘The Golf House Club’, open only to members of the Company, was formed. Although there were close ties between the two organisations, separate records were kept until they merged in 1882. The Club House was sold on the move to Muirfield in 1891.
Corporate NameHonourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers
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