Jurisdictionthe Bible Board
Person Namethe Bible Board; HM Sole & Only Master Printers (Scotland); 1839-
ActivityIn the early 19th century there was much public complaint about the cost and quality of Bibles produced on both sides of the Border where the respective King's printers enjoyed monopoly rights to the printing of acts of Parliament, proclamations, the Authorised Version of the Bible, the metrical psalms, catechism, etc (in England the universities of Oxford and Cambridge also had the Bible printing privilege). When the existing Scottish patent expired in 1839, new letters patent were issued to a body known as the Bible Board consisting of the Lord Advocate, Solicitor-General, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and nominated members, to hold collectively the office of HM Sole and Master Printers but, instead of printing themselves, to licence the printing of Bibles and other specified works by Scottish publishers. In 1890 the licensing powers of the Board were confined to the Bible, New Testament and Book of Psalms. Crown copyright applies only to the Authorised Version and not to the numerous alternative translations that are now available.
Corporate NameHM Sole & Only Master Printers (Scotland)
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