Person NameT. & T. Clark; 1821-; theological publishers, Edinburgh
Epithettheological publishers, Edinburgh
ActivityThe firm of T. & T. Clark, theological publishers, was founded by Thomas Clark (1799-1865) in 1821 in Parliament Square, Edinburgh. These premises were destroyed by fire in 1823 and the business removed to George Street, Edinburgh. In 1846 the founder's nephew Thomas Clark (1823-1900) joined the partnership and the firm became T. and T. Clark. Following the retirement of the elder Thomas Clark, his nephew took full responsibility for the practical management of the company. He was also deacon and elder of Lady Glenorchy's Church, Edinburgh. In 1877 he entered the Town Council of Edinburgh. He also held other public positions including Master of the Edinburgh Merchant Company, Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Curator of the University of Edinburgh and manager of the Royal Infirmary. In 1880 Thomas' eldest son John Maurice Clark (1859-1924) became a partner in the firm. In 1886 Thomas Clark (1823-1900) retired leaving the running of the company to John. In 1894 John's brother Thomas George Clark, joined the partnership. In 1911 John's son Thomas became a partner and in 1918 Thomas George Clark, resigned from the firm. John Maurice Clark retired in 1923 and died in 1924 at home in Edinburgh. In 1930 Thomas Clark's cousin, another Thomas George Clark joined the company. In 1956 Thomas George Clark's son T.G. Ramsay D. Clark joined the partnership. In 1973 the company merged with John Bartholomew and Son, map publishers, Edinburgh, founded 1826. In 1975 Geoffrey Green joined the company and in 1980 it was taken over by Reader's Digest. In 1985 the Bartholomew Group became part of News International, a subsidiary of NewsCorp. In 1989 the company acquired William Hodge, law publishers, Glasgow and by 1991 Geoffrey Green had become proprietor of T. & T. Clark. The company became part of the Continuum International Publishing Group in 2000.
Corporate NameT. & T. Clark
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