Person NameMacarthur family; family
ActivityDuncan, Peter, Alexander, John and David Macarthur were all sons of John Macarthur, Cawdor, Nairnshire, Scotland.Duncan Macarthur (1840-1907), was born in Cawdor, Nairnshire, Scotland, in 1840, the eldest son of John Macarthur. He was educated at the Free Church Academy, Nairn, and obtained employment with the Hudson's Bay Company in 1865. In 1872 he migrated to Manitoba, Canada. For ten years he was manager of the Merchant's Bank of Canada, in Winnipeg. He retired and became President of the New Commercial Bank of Manitoba. He was president of the Manitoba and Northwester Railway Company, President of the Northwest Fire Insurance Company, Director of Canada Settlers Trust and Loan Company, Director of the Manitoba and North West Land Corporation and actively promoted the Hudson Bay Railway Company. He wrote and published several lectures and pamphlets on public subjects. In 1886 he married Elizabeth, the daughter of Justice Mackeaghney. He died in 1907.Peter Macarthur (1841-1936) was born in Cawdor, Nairnshire, Scotland, in 1841. He was apprenticed to a cabinet maker and subsequently emigrated to Canada in 1862. He joined his brothers Duncan and Alexander in Toronto, where he worked for a cabinet maker. Following the American Civil War, 1861-1865, he lived in Iowa, United States of America, where he operated a water power wood worling plant. In 1880 together with Reginald Pratt, he organised the North West Navigation Company. He was a pioneer in transportation and lumbering enterprises. He died in 1936 aged 95. Alexander Macarthur (1843-1887) emigrated to Montreal, Canada, and worked for the Hudson's Bay Company. In 1869 he moved to Winnipeg and worked in the lumber business until 1878. From 1878 to 1885 he was manager of the Manitoba Investment Association.David Macarthur (1850-1928), emigrated from Scotland to Winnipeg, Canada.
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