Person NameSturdy; Hiram Law (1889-1964); miner, painter, illustrator
ForenamesHiram Law
Epithetminer, painter, illustrator
ActivityHiram Law Sturdy (1889-1964), miner, painter and decorator, and amateur illustrator, was born into a family of miners at Newarthill, a village between Newhouse and Motherwell. He was apprenticed as a painter and decorator, but really wanted to go down the mines. He eventually began work at Newarthill, and later in the South Wales coalfields.He served throughout the First World War in the Royal Artillery, and then went back to the mines, this time in 1919 to the Kent coalfields. Shortly thereafter he returned to Newarthill and to his first trade as a painter.His leisure time was spent illustrating notebooks. They show Newarthill as it was in his boyhood, though some material is as late as the Second World War.
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