Person NameBallantyne family; family
ActivityThe Ballantyne family of Holylee have branches in the Laidlaw and Carruthers families. The 6660 acres estate and house of Holylee lies in the Selkirkshire section of Innerleithen parish, east of Walkerburn, and was owned by James George Ballantyne (1837-1884). His father, also James had owned the estate before him since at least 1736. He attended a military preparatory school, 1851-1854. Ballantyne also purchased the Nether Horsburgh Estate, Peebleshire, in 1840. On his death he bequeathe Holylee and his other estates to Major James Llewellyn Evans for his lifetime.The Laidlaw family had estates at Kintail, Torridon, in the 1830s. William Laidlaw was Sir Walter Scott's steward and friend from 1817-1832 and was also a published poet and critic. He had several articles published in Blackwood's Magazine.
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