Person NameHildebrandt; Franz (1909-1985); professor, minister
Epithetprofessor, minister
ActivityProfessor Franz Hildebrandt, methodist minister and theological scholar, was born in Berlin on 20 February 1909, the son of Prof. Edmund Hildebrandt and Ottilie Schlesinger. He was educated at the Kaiser Friedrich School in Berlin-Charlottenburg 1918-1926 and at the University of Berlin 1926-1930 where he studied protestant theology. He was ordained in June 1933. He left Germany in September 1937He gained his PhD at Cambridge University, 1941. He lectured at Drew University and was a Methodist c 1945-c 1968 and was a member of the Wesley Society, 1955-1965. His publications include: EST, Das Lutherische Prinzip, 1931; Hildebrandt, ed, 'And Other Pastors of Thy Flock'; Gospel and Humanitarianism, 1941. He married Nancy Hope Wright, a theology student and social worker from London in September 1943. He died in Edinburgh on 25 November 1985.
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