Person NameStrain family; family
ActivityJohn Strain (d 1931), civil engineer, married Euphans H MacNaughton. He was vice-president of the Institute of Civil Engineers. Strain was connected to the Wilsons and Clyde Coal Company Ltd, Ayrshire,1893-1900, and was its director until his resignation in 1897. Strain worked on the Calanas and Tharsis Railway, Spain, 1886-1887, and the railways of Argentina, 1893-1900.Euphans H Strain (d 1934), author, was born in Auchinleck, Ayrshire, and was the daughter of James McNaughton. She and her husband travelled extensively, and visited R L Stevenson in Samoa. She wrote a diary of her travels for the 'Scotsman' and her publications include: School in Fairyland, 1896; Laura's Legacy, 1903; A Prophet's Reward, 1908.
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