Person NameHenschel; Sir (1850-1934); singer, conductor, pianist
Epithetsinger, conductor, pianist
ActivitySir George Henschel (1850-1934), singer, pianist and conductor, of Polish descent, he was educated at St Magdalene College, Breslauand, the Royal Conservatory, Leipzig and the Royal Hochschulle, Berlin. His first recital as a pianist was in Berlin in 1862 and as a singer in 1866. Henschel settled in England in 1878 and was naturalised in 1890. He was the first conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the founder and first conductor of the London Symphony Concerts. He was the first conductor of the Scottish Orchestra, Glasgow. Henschel was Professor at the Royal College of Music for two years. Sir George was created a Knight Commander in 1914, he was awarded Mus Doc Edin (Hon) and made a Member of merit of the Society for the Furthering of Music of Holland. He married Lillian June Bailey (d 1901) in 1881and they gave recitals in Europe and America. In 1907 he married Amy Louis of New York. He retired as a singer in 1914. Henschel published many musical items, including: Stabat Mater, 1894; Musings and Memories of a Musician, 1918; Articulation in Singing, 1926.
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