Datesc 1750-1808
Person NameDeuchar; David (c 1750-1808); seal engraver & publisher
Epithetseal engraver & publisher
ActivityDavid Deuchar of Morningside was a prominent lapidary and seal engraver in Edinburgh in the second half of the 18th century and early years of the 19th. In this he was continuing in the trade taken up by his father, Alexander, who had established himself as a lapidary in Edinburgh shortly after 1745. David was in business as a seal engraver in Edinburgh from no later than 1767. He appears to have been on his own as proprietor of this enterprise, but the firm of David and Alexander Deuchar and Company, seal engravers to the Prince of Wales (the future George IV), was certainly in existence by 1784, as the matrix of the seal of the Prince of Wales was engraved by a concern of that name in that year. Alexander, who would later be distinguished as Alexander the elder to avoid confusion with David's like-named son, was David's brother. David acquired property in Morningside, where he dwelt, but his and his brother's business was based in premises facing the mercat cross on the south side of the High Street from no later than 1774. He published collections of etchings, most notably 'The dances of death, through the various stages of human life. Etched by D. Deuchar' (1788) and 'A collection of etchings, after the Dutch and Flemish schools' (1803). He married Marion Skeil, daughter of John Skeil, farmer at Musselburgh, in 1767 and Christian, daughter of Revd Alexander Robertson, minister at Eddleston, in 1776. He is said to have given painting lessons to Raeburn and introduced him to David Martin. David died on 6 July 1808. His son, Alexander Deuchar the younger, is first recorded working as a seal engraver in the following year.
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