Person NameScottish Craft Centre; 1949-1991
Activity The Scottish Craft Centre was established as a charity in 1949. It was set up by craftsmen, such as weavers, potters, jewellers, silversmiths and other metalworkers, and turners and carvers of stone and wood, in order to preserve, develop and display fine workmanship and design in Scotland. The Centre leased Acheson House, Canongate, Edinburgh, as its headquarters and showroom in which the craftsmen could exhibit their work. Customers could either purchase work on show or else commission work from the craftsmen. The Centre went on to serve as a clearing house for craft enquiries and commissions and to organize craft exhibitions throughout Scotland. The Centre was originally administrated by a Council of twenty which met at least every two months. In 1951 the Workshops and Studios Foundation, established 1949 to assist craftsmen in obtaining suitable working premises, merged with the Scottish Craft Centre. In the same year a panel of Assessors was set up to assess craft work and elect craftsman members of the Centre. Membership is not restricted entirely to elected craftsmen: associated and corporate membership is available to individuals and bodies willing to support to the Centre. The Centre was visited by the Queen on 25 June 1952 and a Board of Trade grant was obtained in 1953. In 1970 the Centre began publication of a newsletter, at first entitled 'Scottish Craft News' and from 1972 'Craftwork'. From 1974-1990 the Centre received funding from the Scottish Development Agency (Craft Division). The Centre left Acheson House in 1990 and closed down altogether in 1991.
Corporate NameScottish Craft Centre
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