Person NameKinross; John Blythe (1904-1989); financier
ForenamesJohn Blythe
ActivityJohn Blythe Kinross, CBE OBE (1904-1989), financier, was the son of John Kinross, RSA, architect, and was educated at George Watson's College, Edinburgh. Early in life he developed an interest in financial matters and after a short period in industry in Scotland he left for England in 1928, and worked first of all for Sir Arthur Wheeler and the Gresham Trust until 1933. Thereafter he established and ran various issuing houses of his own, beginning with the Cheviot Trust, which he set up in 1933. He joined the Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation Ltd at its foundation in 1945, and rose to be its chairman, 1964-1974. The ICFC was an organisation formed specifically to finance small businesses - a subject on which Kinross had long held strong and innovatory views. From the 1950s Kinross became interested in a number of important charitable works, mostly financed through the Mary Kinross Charitable Trust, which he founded in 1957. He also worked on the founding of university research scholarships. Kinross became a member of the Finance Committee of the (English) Royal College of Surgeons, 1956-1979, and was Honorary Financial Adviser to the Royal Scottish Academy from 1950. His labours on behalf of these bodies were recognized when he was made an Honorary member of the RSA in 1957 and was made Hon FFARCS in 1961. In 1982 published the memoir 'Fifty Years in the City'.
Kinross was, when young, a skilled actor and stage manager, and his papers contain a considerable amount of material relating to theatrical life in Edinburgh in the 1920s.
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