Person NameNairnshire Farming Society; 1798-
ActivityNairnshire Farming Society was founded in 1798 in Nairnshire, Highland. Nairnshire is a small county situated between Inverness and the Moray Firth and for many years the two main sources of employment were fishing and farming. The Farming Society was founded as an improvement society. The area had suffered something of a decline since the battle of Culloden (1746) and it was slow to adopt new agricultural practices partly because of the fact that tenants had little security of tenure and were somewhat resistant to any changes forced upon them. The Society was formed by the prominent farmers of the area and resolved to promote improvements in agriculture through education and example and to circulate news of successful innovations through articles and meetings. The first cattle show was held in 1819 but after this the society fell on hard times. However in 1836 the show was revived and by the 1840s the Society was holding three meetings a year and an annual dinner. Membership increased and by the end of the century there were 152 members. In 1928 the Society bought its own show field. Other events and activities included bazaars often organised by the ladies section. This and the horticulture section attracted support from urban dwellers and contributed to the continuing success of the Society. In 1998 there were over 400 members.
Corporate NameNairnshire Farming Society
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