Person NameHamilton; William Winter (1917-2000); writer and politician
ForenamesWilliam Winter
Epithetwriter and politician
ActivityWilliam Winter Hamilton was born in 1917 in Herrington, County Durham. He was educated at Washington Grammar School and Sheffield University and served with the armed forces between 1941 and 1946. After the war he became a teacher in Yorkshire until 1950 then moved into politics serving as Labour MP for West Fife, 1950-1974, and for Central Fife, 1974-1987. Hamilton was Chairman of the House of Commons Estimates Committee, 1964-1970, and of the Rules and Procedures Committee, 1975-1976, Vice-Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, 1966-1970, and a member of the European Parliament, 1975-1979. He was often outspoken: he listed his recreations in 'Who's Who' as 'attacking monarchy and establishment' and his 'My Queen and I' (1975) provoked some strong criticism.
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