JurisdictionBoard of World Mission
Person NameBoard of World Mission; Church of Scotland; 1830-
ActivityThe Church of Scotland was initially wary of the late 18th century evangelical moves towards establishing missions overseas. Opposition to such a step being taken by the Church was strong, for both political and theological reasons. However in 1825 a proposal to raise funds to establish a school in India was accepted by the General Assembly, partly because of its similarity to accepted mission work in the Highlands of Scotland and because of the belief that education was a necessary prerequisite to conversion to Christianity. It was not until 1829 that the first Church of Scotland missionary was appointed: the arrival of Alexander Duff (1806-1878) in Calcutta in 1830 marked the start of the Church's missionary work. On his return to Scotland in 1835 Duff convinced the Assembly of the mission's success and the Church resolved to continue to support its work. Despite losing all but one missionary to the Free Church at the Disruption the expansion of mission work continued, albeit slowly. A mission was established in Malawi in 1876 at Blantyre, work was begin in China and more bases set up in India. The work was directed by the Foreign Mission Committee, later the Board of World Mission and Unity then the Board of World Mission.
Corporate NameChurch of Scotland
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