Person NameAnnand; James King (1908-1993); teacher and poet
ForenamesJames King
Epithetteacher and poet
ActivityJames King Annand was born in Edinburgh on 2 February 1908 and educated at Broughton Secondary School and the University of Edinburgh. He edited the 'Broughton Magazine' while a schoolboy and published some of the early work of Christopher Murray Grieve ['Hugh MacDiarmid'] (1892-1978), poet. After graduating from the University in 1930 Annand taught at schools in Edinburgh and Whithorn, Wigtonshire. During the Second World War he served with the Royal Navy. As well as writing poetry in Scots, Annand translated work from German and medieval Latin, into Scots, as in 'Songs from Carmina Burana' (1978) and 'Ballants fae the German' (1986). He was editor of 'Lines Review' and 'Lallans', the magazine of the Scots Language Society. He was a founder member of the Scots Language Society and edited 'Lallans', the Society's magazine. He also edited the magazine 'Lines Review'. His publications include 'Sing it aince for pleisure' (1965), 'Poems and translations' (1975), 'A Scots handsel' (1980), 'A wale o rhymes' (1989)He died 8 June 1993.
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