Person NameMalcolm of Burnfoot; family
ActivityThe Malcolms of Burnfoot, Langholm, in present day Dumfries and Galloway, were descended from a Fife branch of the Malcolm family. The first to settle in the county of Dumfries was Robert Malcolm (1687-1767), minister of Ewes. His son George Malcolm of Burnfoot (1729-1803) married Margaret, the daughter of James Pasley of Craig, Langholm, in 1761, and they had 17 children: 7 daughters and 10 sons. His third son was Sir Pulteney Malcolm (1768-1838), whose distinguished service in the Royal Navy brought him to the rank of Vice-Admiral. Pulteney's youngest brother Charles also reached the rank of Vice-Admiral. Sir Pulteney was succeeded by his second son, William Elphinstone Malcolm (1817-1907), who, through his marriage to Mary Douglas, brought the seat of Cavers, Hawick, into the family. The couple had only one child, a daughter Mary, who assumed the name of Douglas in lieu of Malcolm on the death of her uncle in 1878 when the Cavers seat passed to her. Mary married Capt. Edward Palmer in 1879 and assumed the additional name of Palmer. The family line at Burnfoot then continued in the name of Palmer-Douglas.
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