Person NameFalkirk Temperance Cafe Trust; 1921-1983
ActivityFalkirk Temperance Cafe Trust was established in 1921 following a bequest of James Aitken, writer, (d 1911) in 1914. The Trust ran a small Temperance Cafe in the Lint Riggs, Falkirk, until 1983 when the Café had to be closed as the Trust was in financial difficulties. Between 1983 and 1991 the Trust attempted to find other uses for the funds and applied to the Court of Session for a Cy Pres scheme which was granted in 1991. The Trust was then re-named the Falkirk Temperance Trust and the funds made available to other organisations involved in dealing with alcohol or drug abuse.The Trust appointed the Burgh Chamberlain of Falkirk as Treasurer and later as Secretary/Treasurer. After 1975 the Finance Director of Falkirk District Council was appointed Secretary/Treasurer.
Corporate NameFalkirk Temperance Cafe Trust
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