Person NameStirling County Council; Treasurer's Department; 1890-1975
ActivityStirling County Council was established by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1889 (52 & 53 Vict., c. 50). County councils were obliged to have county funds into which all receipts of the county, from whatever source, were paid. Payments were made to the county treasurer, who provided information about the county’s financial affairs to its finance committee. The finance committee presented annually to the county council a budget containing estimated income and expenditure of the county fund, and provisions for raising the sum required to bridge the gap between the income and expenditure. Rates levied on the gross annual value of lands and heritages as they appeared on the Valuation Roll were required from ratepayers to meet any deficiency between the county’s income and expenditure. Annual accounts of income and expenditure were compiled and presented for audit by an appropriate officer. The abstracts of accounts provide a summary overview of all the council’s financial dealings. County councils were abolished in 1975 and their powers transferred to regional, islands and district councils under the (Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, c.65).
Corporate NameStirling County Council
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