Person NameWatson, Gow & Co; 1877-1964
ActivityWatson, Gow & Co was founded in 1877 and taken over in 1929 by Sir Frederick McLeod (1858-1936) who also owned Grangemouth Iron Co, Grangemouth, Falkirk. It became a private limited liability company in 1935. Both Watson Gow & Co and Grangemouth Iron Co Ltd became part of Federated Foundries in 1935 and Allied Ironfounders in 1965. The Company was incorporated in 1935 with the registration number SC018255, and was dissolved in 1964. (The Company, by this time wholly owned by Federated Foundries Ltd, was wound up for administrative purposes. It was used only as a selling name. All the trading transactions were carried through by an associate company. Federated Foundries paid all the expenses of the winding up).
Corporate NameWatson, Gow & Co
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