Person NameGR-Stein Refractories Ltd; Falkirk; ceramic manufacturers
Epithetceramic manufacturers
ActivityGR-Stein Refractories Ltd was a Falkirk-based company, formed by merger in 1970 of John G Stein & Co and General Refractories of Sheffield. GR-Stein became a subsidiary of Hepworth Ceramic Holdings Ltd. The company changed its name in 1989 from its previous name of Thomas Brooke & Sons Ltd. The registered office is in Alfreton, Derbyshire. It was incorporated in 1913 with the registration number 00132092. General Refractories was formed in 1929. It acquired, amongst others, the Glenboig Union Fireclay Co in 1936, which became its Scottish holding company, and also Dykewood Gannister & Fireclay Co of Bonnybridge, George Turnbull & Co of Bonnybridge and Castlecary Brick & Fireclay Co, all in 1936.
Corporate NameGR-Stein Refractories Ltd
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