Person NameFalkirk Iron Co; 1819-1961
ActivityFalkirk Iron Co was established in 1819 as a Joint Stock Company. In 1830, R W Kennard became a co-partner and the company was re-named Ashwell & Kennard until 1849. In 1929 the company became part of Allied Ironfounders, in 1961 the company was dissolved and the foundry became a department of Allied Ironfounders Ltd. Allied Ironfounders was taken over by Glynwed in 1969 and the foundry, Falkirk Iron Works, closed in 1981. H E Hoole & Co became a department of Falkirk Iron Co. Castlelaurie Iron Works was owned by Falkirk Iron Co. Falkirk Iron Company was incorporated in 1912 with the registration number SC008197, and went into liquidation in 1920. It was re-incorporated in 1920 with the registration number SC011294, and was dissolved in 1963.
Corporate NameFalkirk Iron Co
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