Person NameCarron Company; 1759-1982
ActivityCarron Company was founded in 1759 by John Roebuck, Samuel Garbett and William Cadell. The Company’s first furnace was commissioned in 1760 and by the beginning of the next century Carron Iron Works was one of the largest in Europe with over 1000 employees. It was also one of the first integrated works in the sense that it did not require to contract for any of its needs, having local coal mines, a lime manufactory at Limekilns and a rolling and slitting mill near Edinburgh. The Company acquired a Royal Charter in 1773. The gatehouse is all that remains of an imposing two-storey office block. Carron Company, with its registered office in Edinburgh, was incorporated in 1978 with the registration number SC065618, and went into liquidation in 1982.
Corporate NameCarron Company
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