Person NameCaledonian Railway Co; 1845-1923
ActivityThe Caledonian Railway Company was incorporated under the Caledonian Railway Act of 31 July 1845 (8 & 9 Vict., ch. clxii) which authorised a continuation northwards of the Lancaster & Carlisle line, part of what was to become the London & North Western Railway. This extension was made up of an initial 122 miles of track comprising Carlisle to Garrionhill Junction, Cumbernauld to Castlecary, and Carstairs to Edinburgh. With Joseph Locke (1805-1860) as engineer, the route was carried to Perth and later, by the construction of several lines which all eventually became part of the Caledonian, to Aberdeen. The many other railway companies also incorporated at the same time in 1845 were all amalgamated with the Caledonian within the next twenty one years. The Caledonian Railway became part of the London Midland and Scottish Railway from 1 July 1923 under the North Western, Midland and West Scottish Group Amalgamation Scheme 1923, dated 29 June 1923.
Corporate NameCaledonian Railway Co
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