Person NameA G Barr and Co; Falkirk and Glasgow; 1830-; soft drinks manufacturers
Epithetsoft drinks manufacturers
ActivityA G Barr and Co is the largest soft drinks manufacturer in Britain and the makers of the famous Irn Bru. The Company was established in Falkirk as a cork manufacturer but Robert Barr set up as a manufacturer of aerated water at Burnfoot Works in 1880. The current business takes its name from Andrew Greig Barr (1872-1903), a son of Robert Barr. Andrew Greig Barr joined the family business in 1887 as it began to grow rapidly. A branch of the Barr business was opened in 1887 at Parkhead in Glasgow, where new products were introduced at a staggering pace. In 1892 Andrew began to work jointly between Falkirk and premises in the Gallowgate, Glasgow. However, within five years the Glasgow operation was completely independent of Falkirk. Irn Bru was introduced in 1901, which was to become Barr’s most successful product. When A G Barr was launched as a limited company in 1904, the business of Barr’s in Falkirk remained independent until the two were brought together in 1959 under the chairmanship of Robert Barr, the third generation of the family. Barrs purchased the Tizer brand of soft drinks in 1972.
Corporate NameA G Barr and Co
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