JurisdictionPeterhead and Ellon
Person NamePeterhead and Ellon; Gray & Gray; 1900-; solicitors
ActivityThe firm Gray & Gray was founded around the beginning of the twentieth century in Rose Street, Peterhead. One of the original partners was G. Martin Gray, who served as vice-consul for Sweden and Denmark and consular agent for France and Belgium. The firm dealt with a variety of legal matters and also acted as clerks and factors for the Community of Feuars and as treasurers for Peterhead Harbour Trust. Arthur David Troup, clerk to Deer District Council, started in the firm before 1928, and Malcolm McIntyre was also a partner by 1939. Troup remained to become senior partner by 1948, and was the sole partner by 1949. The firm is still in existence today (2002) in Queen Street, Peterhead, with a branch office in Ellon.
Corporate NameGray & Gray
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