JurisdictionAberdeen District
Person NameAberdeen District; The Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds Friendly Society; 1889-
ActivityThe Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds was founded in 1826. It began in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire and was established for the provision of benefits to members to protect against poverty in time of sickness and to help with the cost of burial. It was established as a 'Secret Society' whereby its meetings were held in private and a Friendly Society. The Society held its first meeting on Christmas Day 1826 and resolved to name itself The Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds. It eventually expanded into a number of lodges. Its aims were 'to relieve the sick, bury the dead, and assist each other in all cases of unavoidable distress, so far as in our power lies, and for the promotion of peace and goodwill towards the human race'. 1829 saw the inception of districts as a form of organisation of the Order. The Order later became known as The Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds (Ashton Unity) Friendly Society. The Aberdeen District of the Friendly Society was established in 1889 with the various branches emerging after this date.
Corporate NameThe Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds Friendly Society
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