Person NameHall; Tom S; civil servant
ForenamesTom S
Epithetcivil servant
ActivityTom S. Hall was a civil servant in the Glasgow Post Office in the late 1930s. He was instrumental in the establishment of ‘Civil Service Holidays’, a non-profit-making travel agency for civil servants, and served as its Honorary Organising Secretary. Hall was also the Principal of the Wayfaring Association, and author of several books on holidaying. During the Second World War, Hall was appointed as Area Office Manager of the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit. This Unit, organised by the Ministry of Supply, comprised 2,000 foresters from Newfoundland who worked in camps in the Scottish Highlands felling timber for the war effort. The men also served in their own Home Guard Unit, the 3rd Inverness-shire (Newfoundland) Battalion.
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