Person NameInverurie Congregational Church; 1822-1992
ActivityInverurie Congregational Church was founded in 1822 and was located on the town’s High Street. Its first minister was William Brown, who served there from 1824 to 1829. The church was closed in 1992.Congregationalism in Scotland, which recognised the autonomy of congregations of believers regulated by meetings of church members and deacons, can trace its origins to a variety of sources. The main impetus came during the evangelical revival generated by Robert Haldane (1764-1842) and his brother James Haldane (1768-1851) between 1797 and 1808. Preaching centres were opened in major towns and a constitution for Congregational churches was drafted in 1799 by Greville Ewing (1767-1841). By 1807 there were eighty-five Congregational churches. Despite the uncertainty caused by the Haldanes' move to Baptism in 1808 the church survived and a Congregational Union was formed in 1812 to provide support. After suffering a loss of members after the Disruption of 1843, the church was strengthened by merger with the Evangelical Union in 1896. During the 20th century there was talk of union with the English Congregationalists or even with the Church of Scotland but in 2000 the Congregational Union of Scotland merged with the United Reformed Church in the United Kingdom to form the United Reformed Church.
Corporate NameInverurie Congregational Church
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