Person NameGrampian Fire Brigade; 1975-
ActivityThe first firemaster of Grampian Fire Brigade was John C. Donnachie, QFSM, GI Fire E (d 1995), formerly firemaster of the North East Fire Brigade. The headquarters of the brigade were at Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, in premises occupied by the Fire Brigade from 1968, but the operational sections were organised in three divisions: North Division, based in Elgin; South Division, based in Aberdeen; and Central Division, covering the City District of Aberdeen. In 1979 there were 37 fire stations and 217 full-time uniformed firemen. By 1985 this had risen to 40 fire stations, in North, East and South Divisions. They dealt with extinguishing unwanted fires, fire prevention by inspection, recommendation, law enforcement, lectures and practical training (including work with oil rig personnel), installation of fire hydrants and other fire-fighting equipment and training of firemen.
Corporate NameGrampian Fire Brigade
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