Person NameCairncoullie School Managers; 1873-1919; Aberdeenshire
ActivityCairncoullie School Managers consisted of Leochel Cushnie and Towie School Boards in Aberdeenshire. The school was situated so that pupils from both school boards could attend it. The Education (Scotland) Act 1872 (35 & 36 Vict., c.62) created school boards in Scotland with a statutory duty to provide education for all children between the ages of 5 and 13. The boards had an elected membership made up of owners and occupiers of property of the value of £4 or over. They were responsible for the building and maintenance of schools, staffing and attendance of pupils. They were overseen by the Scotch Board of Education. The Education (Scotland) Act 1901 (64 Vict. and 1 Edw. VII, c.9) raised the school leaving age to 14. School boards were abolished by the Education (Scotland) Act 1918 (8 & 9 Geo. V, c.48) and replaced by education authorities and school management committees.
Corporate NameCairncoullie School Managers
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