Person NameEast Angus Co-operative Society Limited; 1693-1990
ActivityThe East Angus Co-operative Society Limited has its foundations in the Arbroath West Port Association, the Arbroath Equitable Co-operative Society Limited, the Arbroath High Street Co-operative Society Limited, Arbroath United Co-operative Society, Arbroath Co-operative Coal Society Limited, Arbroath Co-operative Society Limited, and Arbroath Wholesale Co-operative Society Limited.The Arbroath West Port Association was founded in the spring of 1834, with a grocer shop in Keptie Street. They added a bakehouse in 1846. In 1861 the association adopted the Rochdale dividend system.The Arbroath Economical Association started in Guthrie Port in 1833. They revised their rules in 1845 and renamed themselves the Arbroath Guthrie Port Provision Association. In 1865 it was renamed the Arbroath Equitable Society before eventually becoming the Arbroath Equitable Co-operative Society Limited.The High Street Co-operative Society was an offshoot of the Arbroath Equitable Co-operative Society Limited which was founded in March 1869. Its original name was to have been the St. Thomas Co-operative Society but the final decision was to name the society after its place of business, 249 High Street, Arbroath.In 1939 the Arbroath Equitable Co-operative Society Limited and the Arbroath High Street Co-operative Society Limited amalgamated to form the Arbroath United Co-operative Society.In 1948 the West Port Association finally voted to join the Arbroath United Co-operative Society and the society was renamed the Arbroath Co-operative Society Limited.Since the final amalgamation of all the Arbroath Societies in 1948 they have gone on from strength to strength. In 1974 the Arbroath Co-operative Society Limited joined forces with the South Angus Co-operative Society Limited (covering the Forfar and Kirriemuir areas) to form the East Angus Co-operative Society Limited.
Corporate NameEast Angus Co-operative Society Limited
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