Person NameStuart; Innes (1905-1992); Mains of Ethie
EpithetMains of Ethie
ActivityInnes Stuart was born in 1905 and came from Ballaswater, Stow. He attended Cambridge University before embarking on a career in insurance. He was also an active member of the Lovat Scouts Territorials. He served with the Gordon Highlanders during the Second World War. Afterwards he attended the North of Scotland College of Agriculture prior to purchasing Mains of Ethie, near Inverkeilor, in 1946. It was a mixed arable farm but as time progressed this became less economic and Stuart moved production into seed barley. He employed fewer workers and rented out the farm cottages. He sold the farm in 1983 but retained the farmhouse in liferent for himself and his wife, Audrey Spencer. He died in 1992.
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