Person NameSt Andrew's Episcopal Church; Brechin; 1743-
ActivityEpiscopacy is the system of church government by bishops. The Reformation in Scotland abolished authority derived from the Pope but did not disband the system of government by bishops. The Presbyterians and Episcopalians struggled for supremacy in the Church of Scotland until 1690 when Presbyterianism triumphed. The Act of Toleration in 1712 gave legal recognition to the Episcopalian form of worship, although episcopacy was feared and distrusted for many years following, but Episcopalianism enjoyed a revival in the 19th century. The Episcopalians eventually formed the Scottish Episcopal Church.Episcopalians in Brechin established a meeting-house in the High Street, Brechin, in the late 17th century, and a chapel was built there in 1743. The charge was vacant between 1749 and 1770. St Andrew’s Church was built in 1809, and was replaced by the present church in 1888. Lochlee (Tarfside) has been linked with this charge since 1953.
Corporate NameSt Andrew's Episcopal Church
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