Person NameForfar Congregational Church; 1836-1996
ActivityThe Congregational Union of Scotland was formed in November 1812. The basis of its structure was that it was not an ecclesiastical court or corporation, but a confraternity of churches which had fellowship with each other. The Union’s membership has never been large, and in 1993 there were 96 charges served by 63 ministers.The Congregational Church in Osnaburgh Street, Forfar, was built in 1836 as an independent chapel. Its first pastor was the Rev William Lowe who remained until 1861. The Church continued to operate for over 100 years with a diminishing membership. It finally closed in 1996 under an eccentric stipulation that if the male membership fell below four then the building became the property of the Congregational Union of Scotland. The building was cleared of artefacts and archives in early 1998 prior to the sale of the building. The records are far from complete and no minute books are known to have survived.
Corporate NameForfar Congregational Church
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