Person NameDunn; J M (1919-1937); Provost of Brechin, 1934 - 1937
ForenamesJ M
EpithetProvost of Brechin, 1934 - 1937
ActivityJ M Dunn was a professional photographer who had a shop in Bank Street, Brechin, and another in Perth. Dunn was originally from Glenbervie, and began his working life at 13 on the railway, based at Craigo Station. He later moved to Brechin where he set up as general jobber and moved into the glazier business. He was also the sub-postmaster. He later became a successful photographer and art dealer, and began his Council career in 1919. In 1921 he became Dean of Guild, in 1925 Junior Baillie, and in 1928 Senior Baillie. He was elected Provost in 1934 and served to 1937.
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