Person NameArbroath Abbey Pageant Society; 1948-1992
ActivityThe Arbroath Abbey Pageant began in 1947 in the bleak post-war era. The YMCA believed that a re-enactment of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath would give the town a reason for celebration. The first Pageant was staged by George Shepherd, and captured the imagination of all involved. The following year the Arbroath Abbey Pageant Society was formed receiving support from the Town Council and all levels of society. The Pageant quickly established itself as the highlight of the year. In 1958 the Pageant lapsed for seven years, but began again. By the last production in 1981, there had been a total of 15 Pageants. In 1981 the Society made a loss and doubts were expressed about its future, and in 1984 a disastrous fire destroyed the entire wardrobe and props. In 1992 a report was commissioned about the feasibility of staging another Pageant. It was prepared by Marketing Management Services, Pollockshaws Road, Glasgow, and Alistair McDonald of the Invisible Bouncers Theatre Company, Aberdeen.
Corporate NameArbroath Abbey Pageant Society
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